Victoria's Big Build - Mickleham Road Upgrade

Residents of The Maples are to become the beneficiaries of a $219 million upgrade to Mickleham Road which will include significant upgrades to lanes, traffic lights and footpaths.

The project which is to commence in mid-2023 will include construction of additional lanes in each direction on Mickleham Road between Somerton and Dellamore Boulevard.

Furthermore, traffic lights will replace the roundabout at the Somerton Road intersection with new traffic lights also to be installed at the Aitken College intersection.

Upgrades to both Hillview Road and Dellamore Boulevard intersections will also be included in the works.

Overall, with these upgrades residents of The Maples can expect significantly reduced congestion and improved travel times in the area with improved accessibility and efficiency of road networks.  

Additionally, residents will be able to enjoy new sections of walking and cycling paths which are to be introduced to improve connectivity and road safety along Mickleham Road.  

As previously stated, the Mickleham Road upgrade will begin in mid-2023 with works expected to be completed by early 2025.

More information can be found here on Victoria’s Big Build website - Mickleham Road Upgrade - Victoria’s Big Build

Estimated timeframes are provided as a guide only. Actual completion dates may vary due to market and weather conditions, delays in approvals or other factors.

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Stage 5C  September 2022

Stage 6   September 2022

Stage 7    Q1 2023

Stage 8    Q4 2023

 Last updated 16th August 2022