Construction Update

We are pleased to provide the following quarterly construction update for The Maples, Greenvale.

Following the provision of Stage 1 titles last quarter, we’re pleased to see an abundance of construction activity onsite. At present, approx. 15 homes are under construction with first homes due for completion early next year.

Stages 2 and 3
works are nearing completion and authority inspections are currently being undertaken. We forecast title delivery of both stages in November 2019.

Construction of Stage 4 is well and truly underway, with most of the underground services complete, and pavement works recently commenced. We forecast title delivery of this stage in 1st quarter 2020

Construction of Stage 5 is due to commence within the next fortnight, with pre-commencement works including, site clearing and demolition now complete. We forecast title delivery of this stage in 2nd quarter of 2020.

Stage 6
is currently undergoing design approval. We anticipate commencement of construction for this stage at the beginning of 2020. We forecast title delivery of this stage in 4th quarter of 2020.